I am making this site to put out solutions to problems I have run across, and invite others to post the same. While I primarily use Mandriva, any flavor of Linux or BSD is a suitable subject. Not too interested in philisophical debates over what distro, OS, or desktop is better – they are all just tools to do a job, as far as I am concerned. I cannot help but add, however, that I have developed a pretty low tolerance for expensive proprietary software of questionable value and merit (sorry, M$). Still, Windows users are welcome here as well – all anyone needs is an open mind for alternative software.

I use Mandriva, have for a while (since 9.x). I started in 2000 with Red Hat 7.1 on a laptop. That was painful, since I only knew Windows up to that point. I moved after RH 8 changed so much stuff from 7.x that it felt like I had to relearn everything all over again – a friend then pointed out Mandrake. It has changed a lot since then, but I never felt lost in a new version like I did with Red Hat. Lotsa folks like Red Hat and Fedora, and I am glad it works for them. I like Mandriva.

I use KDE – I have played around with GNOME, XFCE, the ‘Box’s (Flux and Black), IceWM, and Enlightenment. I just always come back to KDE. It may be bloated and slow to some, but it feels nice and quick on my machine, and satisfies my thirst for eye-candy and tweaking.

I do not think I am any sort of expert, more of a hobbyist/enthusiast. Still, in trolling forums, I see many questions from others for which I have answers, so hopefully I can be of help to those good folks. With any luck, some of my questions can be answered by visitors to this site in the same spirit.


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