Firefox extensions I use…

I have a few I always install – the upgrade to Firefox 2.0 (worthwhile just for the Recently Closed Tabs feature) killed the throbber, which I missed, so I found the Throbber extension. Of course, the upgrade also killed off a few favorites (Plain Text Links being one), and I had to find a suitable replacement…

Absolutely required:

  • NoScript
  • AdBlock Plus
  • AdBlock FilterSet.G Updater
  • text/plain
  • Throbber Button
  • Smoothwheel
  • MR Tech About:About
  • TabBrowser Preferences
  • PDF Download
  • QuickJava

Good to have:

  • Download Statusbar
  • DownThemAll!
  • Tweak Network
  • Restart FireFox

Web devel stuff:

  • ColorZilla
  • EditCSS
  • FireBug
  • JavaScript Debugger
  • View Source Chart
  • Web Developer

I sometimes get Ook! Video Downloader as well (home systems), since my wife loves YouTube.


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