Video card upgrade…

Well, I absolutely do not seem to be able to use any nvidia driver past 8776 on my puny 128 meg 5200 nvidia card (AGPx4) – the screen just fritzs whenever I start the xorg server and the system locks up hard. Nothing works except magic key sequences (thank God for those!).

My main machine has an XFX-overclocked 6600GT (128 meg, AGPx8), and I am quite pleased with it, or was. I upgraded a friend’s computer last week with more RAM and a video card (she was only using the on-board intel adapter) – I steered her towards a 7600 GS AGP card (256 meg), and things moved along much more respectably. I, of course, fired up “glxgears” to see what was what, and the thing floored me. That damn card, a $140 GS, was flogging my year-old $200 6600GT by a factor of four, and is five times faster than the quadra 960 I use at work!  I can only guess at how fast the 7600GT is…

But I think I just figured out what I want for Christmas….

(I also think my son will like a 6600GT….)


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