Now upgrading video cards…

I am having problems with my dated NVIDIA GeForce 5200 AGP (128MB) card in my son’s computer. Nothing past driver 8776 will work on it with any stability, and I cannot get 8776 to install on any kernel more recent than (I tried symlinking /usr/src/linux- to config.h in the same directory, as advised on one forum, but it made no difference). No changes I have made in xorg.conf have made a dent either – stability has become horrible with hardware acceleration enabled. AFAIK, everything else on the system is working fine, so I cannot blame any contributing factors on its apparent degredation.

Well, it _was_ a cheap card, and it held up pretty good over time. I am now shopping online for a 7300 GS AGP card – they go for about Y13,000 locally (maybe $110). I’ll see if I can find one online for less. I found a card for my main system, but it is about $380, a supoerclocked 7800 GS AGP (256MB) from EVGA. I lust for this card.

So, I will wait for prices to drop a little over the next couple months before I go for that one.


2 Responses

  1. I am having the same issue with an older nvidia quadro 380 card on a fedora 5 system. I’ve had to stop upgrading at the nvidia 8774 driver and the 2.6.18 kernel. Looking at some of the other posts on your site, Orion is best served very cold. If you can get it served on tap, very cold and on the beach in Okinawa, the search for the best beer is over.

  2. Absolutely agree with you on that. I used to have a beer fridge and a couple of frozen mugs, just for those baking hot Okinawa summer days. Good times….

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