KDE Tip – Middle-Click to Close Tabs in Konqueror

To close tabs in Konqueror with a middle-click, run this command:

  • kwriteconfig --file konquerorrc --group "FMSettings" --key MouseMiddleClickClosesTab --type bool true

More cool tips can be found at the KDE Wiki : Hidden configuration page.

UPDATED: For KDE 3.5.8, remove the quotes around FMSettings.

  • kwriteconfig --file konquerorrc --group FMSettings --key MouseMiddleClickClosesTab --type bool true

8 Responses

  1. Great! Exactly what I have been looking for since forever.

    It would have been even nicer in copyable format, though. The special quotation marks and long dash for two short ones causes problems.

  2. Yeah, sorry bout that. When I copy stuff from WordPress, I sometimes get weird characters (like question marks and such), so some editing still required (YMMV). Glad it helped, though!

  3. This was very useful! Exactly what I needed! Thank you, Google and thank you symbolik!

  4. Glad it helped, Justin. You’re very welcome.

  5. doesn’t work in konqueror 3.5.8 😦

  6. pheeror, I updated the post with the fix – remove the quotes from around FMSettings, and it should work fine.

  7. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!

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