Firefox Problem…

Had a weird issue with Firefox tonight – It would not open any bookmarks.  I could manually type in a URL, use the throbber, and use the Google search window, but clicking on a bookmark did not do anything – it just sat there with a single blank tab.

Google did not yield much, so I opened a konsole and tried it.  Same result, and no error messages.

Next, still at the konsole, I tried “/usr/bin/firefox -safe-mode”.  I could have used just “firefox” (running “which firefox” showed that it was /usr/bin/firefox), but I wanted to make sure nothing else was getting in the way.

Firefox opened in safe-mode, but first asked me if I wanted to disable all extensions, reset to defaults, etc.  I left all options unchecked.  The theme and all extensions were  disabled while in safe-mode, but the browser worked fine now.  So I restarted Firefox in safe mode and chose this time to disable all extensions.  Then I restarted Firefox normally, by clicking on my desktop icon.

Now it worked, so I began reenabling the extensions, one by one, each time restarting Firefox.  Along the way, I cleaned out (uninstalled) some old extensions I rarely used (related to media downloads).  I started with the important extensions, like No-Script and AdBlock.  When I got to Colorzilla, Firefox crapped out again.  So I went into safe-mode again, removed Colorzilla, restarted Firefox, and it worked fine.  I soon had every remaining extension reenabled without any problems.

I had not gotten a recent update to Colorzilla, so I have to assume that it just crapped out.  Luckily, I rarely use that one anyway, so no huge loss.

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