Back from vacation….

It was good. We went to Okinawa for three weeks and enjoyed the water, beaches, food, beer (well, that was actually me doing the enjoying), and the family. What a great time!

If you go, check out the Super Hotel at the DFS in Naha. It is at the Omoro-machi monorail station (next to the rental car area), and is very affordable, clean, friendly, and…. small. The rooms are very small. but who goes to Okinawa and stays in a room all day? Only a super-typhoon with 128 mph winds shrieking through downtown Naha would keep someone inside…

So, we waited out the typhoon. I watched from the lobby as I sipped on a beer. It was actually pretty cool to see something that would have erased Florida from the map come through and do next to nothing to Okinawa.

Apparently, the Okinawans know how to handle rough weather. Who knew?

The kids got to swim, snorkel, blow glass, make stuff at various arts and crafts venues, and play with their cousins. I think they had a better time than we did, and we had a lotta fun. Can’t wait till next year – we are already making plans!