Kubuntu 7.04 – Kernel Upgrade, the Easy Way…

I found a link on the Ubuntu Forums HERE.  I followed the directions, rebooted, and am now on the Ubuntu-2.6.22-9 kernel.

So far, no issues to report.

One thing to keep in mind – if you have the proprietary nvidia driver loaded (via envy or whatever), make sure you edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and replace the driver “nvidia” with “nv” or “vesa”, before you reboot.  If all goes well, when you reboot and log in, rerun envy (or whatever) to reinstall the nvidia driver, restart X, and you are done.

Also, before you reboot, have a quick look at your /boot/grub/menu.1st file, just as a sanity check to make sure your first boot entry is the 2.6.22-9 kernel.  Mine was not, for some reason – probably because I can’t stop mucking around – so I got a kernel panic.  I reset the computer, hit ESC to enter the GRUB boot menu, and selected the correct entry.  After it booted and I was logged in, I removed the bogus entries.

I have noticed that the kernel image and initrd files I have used are symlinked in the root directory (“/”) to the actual files in the /boot directory.  Not sure why this is – maybe it is the way Debian systems are put together.

2 Responses

  1. Here you can find a similar tutorial on howto upgrade to the latest kernel

  2. Good link – I used it and it worked fine. Also found out more about “meta” packages. By using them, you always get the latest version, so you do not have to hunt through the many different versions that may be available. Learning new things about Ubuntu all the time….

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