Kubuntu Tip – KDE Menu Administration for Multiple Users….

Problem:  The new kids computer has myself, my wife, and both kids as separate users.  We need different menus.  The default menus are not as well organized as I am used to in Mandriva, so I have a lot of work just cleaning up *my* menus (my bad – I installed a LOT of stuff, hehe).  Sure would be nice if I could just, I dunno, COPY A FILE….

This drove me nuts for a few hours, but after trolling the Ubuntu forums, I found my *CLUE*.

By first logging in as child #1 to create the default menus, logging off, and copying my .config/menus/applications-kmenuedit.menu to that home directory, the menus for child #1 were changed.  I had to first make the .config/menus folders and change ownership after the file copy (mkdir -p /home/username/.config/menus as root, copy file, chmod -R username:username /home/username/.config), but once done, copied, and configured, it was easy to further modify the menus.

I logged in as that username, deleted all system admin tools and submenus from the main menu, logged off, and repeated the mkdir/copy/chown process for child#2 using the applications-kmenuedit.menu file from child #1.  Now I have consistent user menus for the kids, while me and my wife have the full menus.

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