HOWTO – NVidia and the Kernel on Gusty Gibbon…

The next step for me after getting on a customized vanilla kernel was getting my NVidia 6600 working again (as opposed to the vesa driver). I had previously either used the Envy tool (Feisty) or the Restricted Modules (Gutsy), both using the stock Ubuntu kernels at the time. Neither worked on my new kernel. As a last resort, I ran Envy and uninstalled all evidence of my prior installation attempts, downloaded the current nvidia driver (100.14.19), ran chmod +x on the .run file to make it executable, and logged off to a console only.

I next (as root) ran kdm stop to kill Xorg, and then ran the .run script.

It worked like a charm. I then edit my xorg.conf file and uncommented the “nvidia” driver line and commented the “vesa” driver line. I always test after an install or upgrade by typing “X” (no quotes) – if things are good, a blank window environment with the cursor opens (kill it with CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE).

You can also check if the nvidia module is loaded with lsmod | grep nv.

I rebooted again, just to be sure, and everything came up great. Once in KDE, I ran glxgears and got 7600 FPS – you don’t get that unless you are running an accelerated driver. There are other ways to confirm you are using the right driver – the NVidia logo will pop up when Xorg first starts unless you have it disabled in the xorg.conf file, as I do, and you can use glxinfo instead of glxgears.

Problem solved, on to the next one – VMWare.


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