HOWTO – Vanilla Kernel on Gutsy Gibbon…

I just got back from vacation, and am a little tired. This did not stop me from rolling kernel, however – but it did play a part in writing these directions. Refer to the previous article, HOWTO – Vanilla Kernel on Gutsy Gibbon… and use the same steps for installing. The only thing I did different was unchecking the CPU frequency scaling in “make menuconfig” (I do not need it), and I did not append anything to the version, so my kernel is just Once it was installed, I made sure to switch to the “vesa” driver before rebooting.

So far, so good – after rebooting, I logged into just a console (no X server) and uninstalled, then reinstalled the NVidia 100.14.19 driver at the command line (I tested with “X”, then switched back to the “nvidia” driver in /etc/X11/xorg.conf). I also reran the vmware setup ( from the vmware-any-any-update114 directory. After restarting the X server and logging back in, I was able to verify video acceleration, sound, and vmware all worked fine, for myself and other users.

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