XFCE on Kubuntu – My First Impressions…

I have been playing around with XFCE4 on Kubuntu for a couple weeks now.  I have looked at some config files, tried a little theming (very little), and basically poked around some of the config util GUIs.  It is quite fast to start up, and most functions are available that I had in KDE (konsole acts weird when I run it, but that is almost certainly my doing).  I do miss the customizabililty KDE has, however.  One thing that really confounds me is the apparent difficulty in having a different wallpaper for each desktop workspace (as shown in pager).  The default system approach seems to be one wallpaper for all desktops, and I have no idea how to change this.  There are some other things to learn as well, like using Launcher to add programs from a menu to a taskbar, whereas in KDE, you would just drag-n-drop or right-click and Add from one of your program menus.

Anyway, not gripes, just observations.  It is pretty cool, and I like it enough to keep on playing with it.  I certainly do not mind having to edit or even create a config file or three along the way – sounds like fun to me!  I still prefer KDE – it has never been “slow” on any of my systems (one of which is quite old), but XFCE4 is a nice diversion and so far, one worth the effort.  More to follow later, I guess.

Oh yeah, before I run off, I installed it using Adept, while in KDE – I looked for the XFCE and Xubuntu packages, and installed them that way.   Then I logged off and logged back in, choosing XFCE instead of KDE for the desktop environment.