VMworld 2008…

This was my first real convention (actually, HIMMS in 2004, but I’d rather not count it). First day was horrible. I had not registered, had not a clue what to do, and discovered that after registering, I still needed to register for each session. I didn’t even know where to do that. To add to it, I had forgotten my username and password to the vmworld site – I had tried registering about a month earlier, but the process bombed out and I never went back for a second attempt.

I was ready to go home. Sure glad I gutted it out…

That afternoon, I finally found out my username and password, then went into the Schedule Builder and pieced it together. After that, it was easy, although I had to adjust my schedule several times. I didn’t make any sessions on day one, and barely got into my first the next day, but after that I pretty much got everything I wanted. I was very impressed with most of the sessions I went to, especially the breakout sessions on advanced troubleshooting of one thing or another.

The technical highlight for me was the NAS-NFS session presented by NetApp and Virginia Credit Union. Wow. I am definitely going to give that approach a shot. The morning presentations were just as amazing, though, with the demos of some of the products VMware has in the pipeline.

The real highlight seems to have been the party Wednesday night at the Las Vegas Speedway, however. Free food and booze, fast cars, loud music, and tons of silly games bound to appeal to hordes of drunken geeks – I can’t imagine anyone not having a good time there. I know I did, and I got to meet some very interesting people as well.

The only bummer is the fact that I completely suck at slots. Naturally, this knowledge only came after extensive (expensive) and painful research…

I will definitely try to make this an annual event – it’s just too good a learning session to pass up.

Mata ne!

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