Techie updates for the home computers…

No details on this yet, not sure there ever will be, but I got all three computers back up and running.

1.  The old Athlon PC – started life as an Athlon 750 – now it is sporting a $50 Athlon XP 1700+ overclocked to around 2 gig.  Also was able to put in an nvidia 7300 GS AGP video card ($100) with 256 MB RAM (might have the model number wrong, working from memory here).  I needed the CPU upgrade to run newer NVidia drivers, due to the lack of SSE (?) on the older CPU.     The older video card was 5200 nvidia with 128 MB RAM – it just wasn’t cutting it.  The system works very nice now, and is very stable, although it took a while with all the BIOS adjustments I had to make (including updating the BIOS to a beta version that supported the XP chip).

2.  The FX-53 – still works, not really in use.  I need to investigate a problem it has of shutting down without warning from time to time.

3.  The freebie computer – yes, the 4200+ I got off the curb.  I added in some 80 gig SATA drives I had, put in a monsxter nvidia 9800 GTX video card, and kicked the ram up to 3 gig.  Running a software RAID 0 (I will rebuild later), and got a Logitech Orbit webcam (has pan-tilt-zoom).  Works with Skype, but no PTZ.  I can control it with gucview, but not while connected to Skype.  Oh well, no biggie.  THe picture is very good.

Like I said, running off of memory, not too concerned with accuracy here for the little details.  Right now, my mind is racing with ideas on building a virtualized infrastructure at work (might even try some at home), but I did want to update the blog with some of the things I got done around the house before I forget everything.

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