Departed Friend…

A dear friend of mine passed away today.  He had a rare form of cancer, almost untreatable.  He was young, less than 35 years old.  He has left behind a wife and three small children, as well as his parents, in-laws, and numerous friends and colleagues.

He was greatly respected in the workplace, and seemed to excel at everything he did.  He faced his fate with courage and determination, and was, in all measures of the word, a true man.  I cannot state enough how much he will be missed, and feel such deep pain at the loss his parents must be facing – he was their only child.  His wife has been dealing with this from the outset, and thankfully has his and her families available to lean on now in this terrible time in her life.

But his suffering is finally at an end.

— You always were so much smarter than me, and a better engineer than I, though I was the one with the degree.  I looked up to you in a lot of ways and you never stopped impressing me.  Rest in peace, JP – maybe we’ll meet again someday.


5 Responses

  1. We all shall die someday, thats not something we can’t escape from.
    But what is really something to think of is: Shall there be someone like
    you to remember us? and write at least two or three lines about us?

    I wish JP (Your friend rests in peace) and really he is lucky to have a
    friend like you who remembered him with these simple lines.

    Wish ya good luck, you really deserve it.


  2. ^Sorry just a typo mistake:
    We all shall die someday, thats not something we can escape from.

  3. Thank you, B!n@ry.

  4. Sorry to hear that…will keep him and his family (and you as well) in our prayers.


  5. Thanks, Dave. It’s good to hear from you again. His family is doing fine, and we all had a private remembrance of him last week.

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