Japanese TV on Linux – KeyHoleTV…

My wife loves watching her TV, but it is too expensive via satellite, we do not have (or want) cable, and the Internet services she WAS using have either gotten too popular (PandaTV) or have been shutdown (J-NetTV).

So she found KeyHoleTV.  On the Xorsyst web site, it is explained that this is part of a test program run by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs to test and demonstrate P2P technology.  They have builds for Windows, Mac, and Linux (32-bit and 64-bit).  It is simple to use and works pretty well.  The streams cannot be downloaded (easily, anyway) for archiving, and video and audio quality is not perfect, but it ain’t bad either.  And it is free.

It does seem to be down right now (first time since we started using it 2 months ago), but that is a side effect of a test program, right?  Try it out if you miss Japanese TV.

Update:  Seems to be back up now.

2 Responses

  1. keyhole tv for Japanese tv is ok but screen is too small, try the MMS (Windows media player) links – much better quality.

  2. From this web site, you can download recorded Japanese TVs


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