New Power Supply…

This is a short post.  Last night, I wanted to load up bzflags on my MythBuntu box so I could crush the kids in an epic tank battle.  Too bad my 500W power supply had roasted, and may have been merrily cooking away for a day or more before I found out.

So, off to the store I went, where I picked up a decent 650W power supply with all the right connectors for about $100.  After I got home and installed it, MythBuntu powered up fine and I loaded bzflags.  It was late, so the epic tank battle is on hold.

For now…

Update – My son wiped the field with me.   With glee and a complete absence of pity.  My daughter came close to doing the same thing.  I shudder to think of the beating my wife can deliver behind the barrel of a tank.  I apparently suck at bzflags, but it sure is fun, even losing.  I just blame it on my mouse, or on the wireless network (which works without flaw any other time – curious), or the dog (current tally:  farts, missing treats, losing to my son at bzflags).

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