Who is symbolik?

I used to live in Japan, near Tokyo, and run the IT shop for a small health clinic. I was there from 2003 to 2008.  We now live in Arizona, down near the Huachuca Mountains.  The weather is gorgeous, the town is nice, the people are friendly, and the work is stimulating.  Outside of work, I enjoy time with my family, my dogs, and a small group of close friends. I speak a little Japanese (if “little” = “rusty”, then you might need a tetanus shot to hear me mangle a sentence in Japanese). I absolutely love a good beer (no American mega-brews, please – and, yeah, I AM opinionated about beer).  Luckily, there are so many microbrews to enjoy in the States that it helps take the sting out of leaving Japan.

The food in Japan is insanely good, as is the beer. The culture is amazing. The people are remarkably nice. The cities feel very safe. I love it there, and used to plan on staying as long as I was welcome, but missed my home in Arizona, and the job, so we will have to settle on some really cool vacations back to Japan.

I completely obsess about Linux – I just cannot stop messing with it, whether I am rolling a new kernel version, setting up a server daemon, installing a new app I just read about, or SSH’ing into my son’s wireless whitebox special I built and opening and closing the CD and DVD trays a few times, just to freak him out. Yeah, good times….

5 Responses

  1. Read your blog posts….pretty interesting. Please keep the ball rolling. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Vaibhav!

  3. G’day Symbolic

    Why is there a smiley face on the right-hand side of the page, up near the top in the grey area?

    Just curious 🙂

  4. Still showing up at the bar with only a 1000 Yen? Love you brother and I miss Japan, too. Just had some great tuna and chased it with a great beer.

  5. Still drinking that beer? Any new ones worth trying?

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