SSH Link to Remember…

This is good – it summarizes all kinds of tips and resources.  I do not want to forget this one, so here it is forever….

HOWTO – Tunnelling RDP over SSH, Windows to Windows

For when you have a need to access one Windows box from another using RDP (like from XP to Server 2003, perhaps), and you want to do it securely – tunnel it over SSH.

Link for using PuTTY

Link for using OpenSSH for Windows (the link to the SSHSecureShellClient may not work, so you might have to dig around on Google, LIKE THIS)

These are Open-Source tools (not sure about the SSHSecureShellClient – if it isn’t and that bothers you, use PuTTY), so no nag-ware or cripple-ware to deal with.  I have not yet used either of these, but will soon start using the PuTTY option.  Alternative solutions are nice, however.

Thanks to farmdwg for the OpenSSH link, and to the unknown author of the PuTTY link.

Tesseract Optical Character Recognition – OCR for Linux…

Good article on OCR from – Tesseract. Have not tried it, but sounds promising.

Check out the image processing scripts as well.

Great Post-Ubuntu 7.10 Configuration Article…

Found this on Tag Surfer: “10 Things To Do Just After Installing Ubuntu 7.10”

This is a good solid article that captures most of the things I have learned to do in the short time I have been using Kubuntu, but also covers a few other things I hadn’t thought to do.

Very useful – nice job!