Codes and Configs

I’ll post various config files as samples, as well as scripts and documentation I have created (usually after nine hours of Googling , praying, and swearing). Generally designed to keep one from having to spend nine hours of Googling, praying, and swearing (in no particular order).

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  1. Just to clarify – these stripped down instructions apply using a RIP (Rescue Is Possible) liveCD…

  2. Wow – I had forgotten how many steps were involved in the web-filter setup. Kinda intimidating…
    I won’t post further configs, since little changed from stock, and the places that need changing are fairly obvious. But, if you think it is helpful, I’ll relent and post the squid, squidguard, dansguardian and postfix config files in some fashion.
    Bear in mind that I am renaming everything as a txt, since that is one of the few permitted upload file formats… Also, the safesurf file may look like a shell script, because it started out as that, but I changed my mind and wrote it only as documentation, so don’t actually try to run it.

  3. I tried this and couldn’t get it to work. I got permission denied errors after i enabled redirection. What did you have in your squid configuration file?

  4. Jack, let me know what exact errors you are getting. I am in the process of trying to redo this setup on Kubuntu 7.10, using the stock packages available from the Ubuntu repositories online. Instead of postfix, I will try exim, but otherwise it is the same. I still need to reacquaint myself with the config files, however, as there may be differences with the syntax and options in the current versions versus the older versions used in the article.

  5. hai. I would like to learn codes from you. If you don’t mind i will copy and paste your codes. thanks

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