Upgrading Kubuntu-9.04 from PPA – KDE 4, Xorg, Wine, OpenOffice 3…

I have upgraded all my systems to KDE 4.3.1 very successfully, and it is gorgeous.  While still slower than LXDE (this will likely always be the case), it is much better than the 4.2 that shipped with Jaunty.  I have also upgraded to OpenOffice 3.1.1, the latest stable Wine, and I have updated Xorg as well – all from the PPA (Personal Packages Archive) site.  Here is how, and from where:

To use these, click on each link, then:

  1. Select your sources.list version and copy the two deb lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list file
  2. Import the key with this command – sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 12345678 (replace 12345678 with the appropriate import key listed above)
  3. Update with sudo apt-get update
  4. Upgrade with sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Hope this helps, but YMMV.  This is only a “howto if you want”, not a “recommendation that you do”.  If things blow up, well, that’s the risk you take.  I find it encouraging, however, that across four different Kubuntu 9.04 systems, I have not had any problems from these upgrades, and found that many fixes and improvements had taken place.

Ultimately, this article is really to help me for future upgrades.  But if you get something good from here, that’s cool too.

WINE, revisited…

It has been a while since I really looked at WINE.  Quite a while, in fact.  I had dabbled with IES4Linux and hung around Frank’s Corner, checking things out.  Honestly, I haven’t had much need for Windows stuff.  I rarely play games that run on Windows, and usually have no issue finding alternatives to use on Linux.  But I did like playing my old copy of Unreal Tournament, and had last used Cedega 3.x to do so.  I had to run a long, convoluted command line with lots of switches for UT, and it would crash on occasion, but I could play and add maps and stuff.

So I tried a couple weeks ago, and spent a day avoiding WINE, attempting to get some scripts running that would pull out and build Cedega from CVS (my old downloads no longer work for one reason or another).  I didn’t feel like renewing my Transgaming subscription, since I don’t play that much.  I just wanted to see if it would work.  It did not.

So I finally just tried WINE.  Went to the System Settings, Advanced tab, Windows Applications, and installed it.  Let it take the default configs.  Fired up the UT installer.

And it worked.  Just like that.  No command line switches.   No digging through a config file.  Simple.  And this was with the 1.0 version, not the 1.1.4+ version under development.  It seems to have made a lot of progress over the last couple years – although I am not much of a Windows fan, it’s pretty impressive nonetheless how much easier it has gotten.  Now if only I can get KDE4 working on Windows for the desktop….

Nah.  I still wouldn’t be a fan.  Why not just stick with Linux?